A-Frame Poster Display – Double Sided


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The Aluminum A-Frame Sidewalk Sign is a metal sidewalk sign that provides you with a durable outdoor sidewalk advertising option that is also extremely versatile. This A-Frame sidewalk sign comes with two, 22” x 28” custom printed PVC posters that slide into the top of the sign holder of the stand easily. They come pre-installed into that sign holder slot and include your custom printed graphics on full color on both signs. It’s a metal sidewalk sign made with aluminum hardware and legs that sits 44”H when open and displayed and also has rubber bumpers on the feet of the aluminum legs to stabilize it on any indoor or outdoor surface. The Aluminum A-Frame Sidewalk Sign also weights just 12lbs, so it is also portable in addition to its versatility and durable frame. Your two PVC posters with custom, full color graphics show off your message in a perfect, metal sidewalk sign that can be used for any type of situation, indoors or outdoors.

Features and Benefits:

  • Order includes (2) 22” x 28” custom printed PVC signs with your graphics
  • Posters come shipped in frame and slide in and out through the top easily
  • PVC signs can be custom printed on back and front with different, full-color graphics
  • Durable aluminum legs and frame
  • 44”H when open and displayed
  • Rubber bumpers on bottom of aluminum feet to stop from sliding
  • Sleek looking satin silver hardware base
  • Portable 12 lb. stand
  • Easy to install signs that slide in through the top
  • PVC posters custom printed using UV printing process for vivid, sharp colors
  • Affordable poster replacement options to update graphics available

Sidewalk signs are an easy way to share a message from your storefront, on your restaurant patio or even indoors, because they are compact way to promote any message, special or sale effectively. The Aluminum A-Frame Sidewalk Sign features two 22” x 28” PVC posters the slide into the top of the sign holder with ease and are displayed securely from the frame holders. The PVC posters are durable and can be displayed indoors and outdoors in mild weather because your custom graphics are printed on the PVC material using a UV printing process that seals the ink and your graphics onto the material with intense, UV lighting that creates your graphics in sharp, vivid color and detail. The Aluminum A-Frame Sidewalk Sign weighs just 12lbs and can be used indoors or outdoors on most surfaces thanks to the rubber stoppers on the bottom of all four aluminum legs, which also protects the aluminum material and makes this metal sidewalk sign more durable. Did you know that NTSD Stand can print two different images on the back and front of one PVC poster? Get the most out of your Aluminum A-Frame Sidewalk Sign that comes with two 22” x 28” PVC posters by having two different custom images printed on both posters so you can feature up to four custom messages and graphics with your Aluminum A-Frame Sidewalk Sign to promote menu specials, different upcoming sales, hours, special events, new products and more! With this metal sign holder, it is also easy to install new custom printed PVC posters and NTSD Stand offers affordable replacement poster options for the Aluminum A-Frame Sidewalk sign. Submit your custom graphics and once they are shipped to you, simply slide them into the top of the metal sign holder to display a brand new message affordably.

Purchase Includes: 1- aluminum a-frame poster stand, 2- custom printed posters


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