Telescopic Pedestal Sign Frame 8.5″ x 11″


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If you need a way to promote a message about your business, display your menu, announce a sale or direct people to that sale but don’t have a lot of space to work with, the Pedestal Sign Frame allows you to show off a custom message and graphics in an easy, non-obtrusive way. When you’re hoping and expecting to draw a crowd to your business or restaurant, space for all of those customers is of the highest importance. The Pedestal Sign Frame features a slim and sleek adjustable support pole and can be display be in heights between 26” to 50”. This free standing floor sign holder holds a 3/16” Foam Core sign. Your custom graphics are printed in sharp, full color on the foam core sign using a UV printing process and this sign is inserted into the frame of this poster stand at the top slot easily. Choose between sleek Matte Black or Satin Silver hardware finishes for the telescopic support pole and durable square round base for this sign holder stand. The 8.5” x 11” Pedestal Sign Frame weighs 11lbs, making these metal sign stands very portable and highly effective at promoting your business, organization, sale or event in high traffic areas without blocking foot traffic. Display your custom message with the Pedestal Sign Frame in your lobby, restaurant displaying your menu, any part of your retail sales floor or use it as a directional sign for any sale or event to help customers or attendees get where you need them to go.

Features and Benefits:

  • Free standing floor sign holder featuring your custom printed graphics
  • Custom  graphics printed in full color on 3/16” foam core poster
  • Sign holder stand made of heaty duty alloy
  • Adjustable support pole from 26”H to 50”H
  • Pedestal sign stand supported by durable square base
  • Your custom printed foam core poster fits easily into the top entry slot of the frame
  • 8.5” x 11” pedestal  stand weighs just 11lbs
  • Finish options include Matte Black or Satin Silver
  • Floor display stands perfect for any lobby, restaurant, retail sales floor or as a directional sign
  • Affordable custom printed poster replacements and hardware replacements available

Floor standing sign holders can be extremely effective in sharing your company’s message whether it’s for an event, directing traffic to that event in a banquet hall, a retail sale, showing today’s menu restaurant or even welcoming guests into your restaurant or store. The heavy duty and adjustable support pole come in finish options of Matte Black and Satin Silver and the pole telescopes from 26”H to 50”H. The Foam Core sign it displays is custom printed in full color with your graphics using a UV printing process that dries the ink to the material instantly, making the colors and your images sharp, detailed and impressively noticeable. Pedestal sign stands are perfect for high traffic areas because they are portable, adjustable and will catch the attention of anyone who walks by it. Get this durable metal sign stand from NTSD Stand complete with your custom graphics on a 11” x 17” Foam Core sign for your lobby or store for your next sale or event. NTSD Stand also carries durable, custom printed Outdoor Signs for many occasions.

Purchase Includes: 1- hardware sign holder in either silver or black matte finish with square base and 1- custom printed 1/8″ thick pvc poster printed on your choice of 1 side or both sides.


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