Trade Show Carpet Tiles – Light Brown


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Trade shwo flooring is a must have for any show whether you need something more comfortable to stand on when presenting and hosting visitors in your booth or if you want that unique display that will distinguish your booth space from the rest of the exhibitors. Premium SoftCarpets™ come in a variety of classic colors that can match or accent any booth or room like the light brown soft carpet option. The foam rubber commercial carpeting is easy to set up by yourself and is a must have for every trade show you exhibit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Adds professional look to trade show booths
  • Comfortable foam rubber material
  • Each tile is 1/2″ thick and measures 27″ x 27″
  • Lightweight
  • Durable with multiple uses
  • 1 carton of 25 tiles creates 10′ x 10′ floor space

Premium SoftCarpets™ are a comfortable and portable flooring option that fits any budget.l Tired of standing on hard cement floros at trade shows that are just boring and dingy? Make them comfortable and stylish with light brown soft carpet tiles.

Purchase Includes: 1- carton of 25 light brown SoftCarpet tiles.


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